The Creativity Experiment is a membership community where you will receive insights and prompts to elevate and explore your creative expression.

What can you expect from The Creativity Experiment Membership?

A place where you can engage and connect with others and tap into your own unique creative expression in all areas of your life.

This is all about you. Everything we do in here will be filtered through a collective group because together we can reflect off of one another and see new perspectives but truly your opportunity is to take everything you hear and see and ask “how can this help me express more of me?”

Inspirational Insights

Conversations with Jean Val and Kelly will share what we have been exploring over many years through art and personal development and spark new thoughts, ideas and mostly self- reflections that you can grow with. 

The Experiments

A creative experiment each month to provoke your own creativity. Some will be using our hands or bodies and some, simply our minds. We will be doing these as well so we will share our outcomes and further curiosities.

Interactive Online Community

Interactions with people from all over, connecting us together and with collective energy, spurring us on to bravely try new things. To say and do things in new ways that will create momentum and allow us all to be more ourselves. 

Extra Resources and Insights

Video, pdf, audios of insights that we think will be helpful through the month. These may be prompted by your questions that arise through the community and experiments.

Recommendations & Resources

Products, books, resources etc. that we have tested and recommend to help you get what you need and not waste energy searching.

VIP Member Status

Be the first to know when new classes, artwork and international retreats are coming up before the public and receive member only opportunities.

Create ~ Explore ~ Be An Artist Of Life


Being an “artist of life,” means bringing creativity to all we do. The Creativity Experiment is designed to help you be creative everywhere.



  • Monthly Inspirational Insights 
  • Monthly Creativity Experiment
  • Ongoing interactive online community
  • Monthly extra resources and insights
  • Ongoing recommendations on products and resources
  • VIP member access to new offerings

*Bonus - Access to interviews with artists, experts and creatives recorded exclusively for this community

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Creativity exists in every human expression. Finding more of your own unique expression is our mission.

Is this community for you?

  • Do you want to spark your creativity in a new way or to connect with other like-minded people who value creativity?
  • Do you feel stuck in life, creativity, business or personal?
  • Do you struggle with feeling like you are "not enough" or moderating yourself so you aren't "too much"? Or find that you limit yourself with self-judgment?
  • Do you stop yourself by saying “you aren’t really an artist”?

If any of these fit, we would love to have you. This monthly membership is designed to open your mind, inspire you and help you grow as a person so if it resonates, it is probably the right fit for you.

**Creativity is not limited to people who create things so you can join us if you are an artist, maker, engineer, parent, visionary, lawyer, strategist, teacher, coach, writer, extrovert, recluse, fitness expert, cashier, etc…

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Join us in this vibrant community!

New insights, experiments and connections each month. 

Who we are and how this came about:

A few years ago we, Valori Wells, and Kelly Sheets, started offering international Creatives Retreats to Bali and Morocco mixing Valori's decades as a fiber artist and Kelly's as a leadership/life coach.  Then we made The Curiosity Experiment Cards which provoke increasing levels of curiosity in all areas of your life.

This past year, when we were all more isolated and seeking connection, we came up with the idea to start an online community of awesome people who could explore creative expression together.

After the idea was formed we knew that it would be even better to have Jean Wells join us to bring her amazing insights as a long time and well loved artist and teacher!

Our mission is to share all that we know and continue to learn, to help awaken a creative expression that is unique to you.

Creativity is ever evolving, there is nothing stagnant or still about creation, so BEing curious and open is vital to keeping creation alive and growing. Personal creativity also seems to grow when we have access to others’ expressions.

This is not a technique course, it is a creative community intended to cultivate more momentum for each of us as a result of the collective. How curious and expressive are you willing to be?

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